Then you shall see and be radiant and your heart shall swell with joy...
Isaiah 60:5
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"We are a community of believers who are passionate about Jesus Christ and His Kingdom cause."

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At Radiant Church, our desire is to be a city on a hill in the greater Kalamazoo community and to the world. As devoted followers of Jesus Christ, we seek to create an environment where people can experience the presence of God in a life-transforming way.

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Hi im in a very tough, terrible predicament and i really need your prayer's. Please pray for God's...


Please pray for God’s hand to swiftly ground my relationship with Casey, bringing us closer in...


Praise Report: During the last SEEK service, Pastor Lee had a word of knowledge about healing for...

Becky Young

Please pray for immediate mutual peace, forgiveness and patience in my relationship with Casey...

Angela Sivley
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