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BLOG: Three Little Words | Pastor Todd

January 5, 2015

This weekend we started a series called “Open Doors” (it was awesome, I highly recommend it) based on the text of Matthew 7:7-11. I usually get to hear the message 2-3 times a weekend, so I may catch a few different things through the process. Within moments I grabbed three small words and circled them in my Bible…“Receives”, “Finds”, “It”.

I absolutely love the timeless and faithful promises of God outlined in His word. I also have a great disdain for the twisting and manipulation of those promises that create sensationalism, self-gratification, and eventual disenchantment with our Creator Redeemer.

As I read the earlier three commands “Ask”, “Seek”, “Knock”, I was stirred by the author’s choice of verbs to describe a habitual, iterative, prayer life. I was challenged to grade myself by the intent of Matthew’s commentary. I eventually rounded the bend to examine the times I wrestled with discouragement and disappointment regarding my own petitions to the Lord.

Enter the three little words encompassed by blue fine tip ink. I was reminded that the times I falter in my prayer life are when I begin to assign definition to what I should receive, what I should find, and what doors should open and close in accordance with my fervent seeking. In the same moment I was renewed in my understanding that there are no exceptions-everyone who asks receives, though we may need a translation from God to interpret the answer at times.

Embrace your prayer life, enjoy it, but every once in a while include a question like, “God, what do you want to talk about today”.   You may be amazed by what you receive, find, or what doors open.


Pastor Todd Staal || Executive Pastor