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Feb 14, 2017

Radiant family….Please pray for my dear friend Aaron who is undergoing surgery on 2/14/17 for prostate cancer. Please pray for Aaron and his wife Stacy for a speedy recover! Please also pray for the medical team and all others involved in Aaron’s treatment and recovery!

Peter VanAlstyne

Feb 9, 2017

I was in a men’s group with Gary from Centerpoint. He is a veteran with some mental health issues. He texted one of the other guys saying he was in a home or other institution. They have not been able to locate him. Please, pray that Gary is okay and can be tracked down so he can be reassured.

Vi Thompson

Feb 8, 2017

My nephew Michael passed away yesterday, 2-7-17 from a heroin overdose. Please pray for my brother, Mike and his wife Mary, and the rest of the family, as we struggle to get past this tragedy. My nephew was only 25 yr old. And pray for others who suffer from depression and drug addiction. Thanks


Feb 2, 2017

Prayers for my cousins daughter. She is pregnant and the baby is measuring 4 weeks smaller than her due date. Praying that the testing she is going in for comes back good.


Feb 1, 2017

My mom Ellie is 78 and was diagnosed with bronchitis … She’s very weak and has alot of chest pain… Please agree in prayer with me that God will restore her to complete health once again 🙏❤️

Sue Westman

Jan 31, 2017

My 7 month old twin grandsons have RSV and might be admitted to the hospital today. Prayers for healing would be welcome.

Krista Simmons

Jan 29, 2017

My father-in-law, Larry, is going in for a lengthy back surgery tomorrow. Please pray to give the doctors steady hands and that healing for him is quick.

Donna Ellis

Jan 7, 2017

Our neighbors Laura and Micheal
Laura is very ill and will have open heart surgery next week.


Jan 4, 2017

Please pray for my husband, Dan. He had foot surgery about a month ago and it isn’t healing so he’s going back to the hospital. Pray for wisdom for the doctors and for complete healing.


Jan 4, 2017

Prayers for Lori who was told before Christmas break that she is being let go from her teaching job at the end of January (in the middle of the school year); a new job she just started this year. Pray that her self-esteem and confidence will not be shaken; for Satan not to get a foothold on her.

Sandy Meshekey

Jan 3, 2017

I would like to thank you for praying for Sergeant Collin Rose. I attend Resurrection Life church in Traverse City. Collin is my son-in-law’s cousin. They were extremely close. Though Collin lost his life, there are 75 other lives that were blessed. Collin was an organ donor. Please pray for his family.


Jan 2, 2017

My adult son has turned into a prodigal son. He married someone who dislikes our family and she and her family have done everything they can think of to keep him from us. He has cut off all contact with us for over 17 months. We have tried to repeatedly reconcile and he is not interested.

Kimberly Kalkowski

Dec 23, 2016

Please pray for healing and resolution for a young boy named Dakota that was life flighted for seizures. May God heal and restore health to this precious child.


Dec 22, 2016

Please pray for my wife, Aura’s salvation and for financial breakthrough for our family.

Tanya Dehollander

Dec 22, 2016

I just had major jaw surgery and my promise to myself and god was that if he spared my life during this jaw surgery, I would turn my lite back to him after being lost for three years. So Im slowly turning my life back and I just got out of a 7 month toxic relationship so if you could pray for peace.

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