• May 10 | Child Dedications

    May 10 | Child Dedications


    You can register your child for Child Dedications, taking place during our Sunday services on May 10. This is a powerful way of declaring your

  • Weekends In March | For God So Loved

    Weekends In March | For God So Loved


    “For God so loved the world.” These words are from one of the most familiar scriptures in the Bible. Regardless of background, most people know

  • April 19 | Partnership Class

    April 19 | Partnership Class


    The Partnership Class is designed to give you the opportunity to learn about the vision, structure and beliefs of Radiant. If you are interested in

  • April 18 | Twelve

    April 18 | Twelve


    Twelve is a FREE, one-day, live streamed training for anyone who seeks to learn more about small groups, how to lead one and how to take your

  • April 11-19 | Red Hot

    April 11-19 | Red Hot


    Red Hot is finally back! For two weeks in April, Radiant Church is giving you the chance to ask questions on the red hot topics of the world today

  • April 4-5 | Easter Weekend

    April 4-5 | Easter Weekend


    After a powerful message series on the love of God, Easter weekend reminds us of the greatest act of love ever shown. Invite your family, friends and

  • April 3 | Good Friday

    April 3 | Good Friday


    Join us for our Good Friday service on April 3 as we remember together the greatest gift ever given! Our service will begin at 6:00PM. We look forward

  • March 30 – April 20 | Renew Classes

    March 30 – April 20 | Renew Classes


    Do you ever wonder how God sees you? At our Renew classes, we’ll help you discover foundational truths about God’s view of who you are and your

  • Ongoing | Reserve Prayer Room Today!

    Ongoing | Reserve Prayer Room Today!


    We’re excited to keep the Furnace Prayer Room open and running! You can sign up for a time of prayer at any point by clicking the button below and

  • April 25&26 | Water Baptism

    April 25&26 | Water Baptism


    Take the next step in your walk with God and be a part of water baptism. This special event is a way that we can align our physical actions with our

  • August 11-15 | Radiant Camp

    August 11-15 | Radiant Camp


    What is Radiant Camp?
    Radiant Camp is an awesome opportunity for young people to build friendships, to grow through new experiences