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Blog: Pattern of how God speaks | Pastor Lee

December 1, 2014

In Genesis 1 we read about the first recorded instance of when God spoke. This chapter in the scriptures is most often highlighted in reference to creation. When you read this section, you cannot ignore the fact that God’s chosen vehicle to create was through spoken word. We find ourselves over two thousand years down the timeline of humanity and God is still speaking, and still creating. Even at the beginning we see a pattern that God still follows as he speaks to us. He chooses to speak and then he rests. More often then not when we feel we have been spoken to by God, he will then release us to act in obedience to what was said. He speaks, and he rests, and every time he speaks it is intended for our good.

While we look at this topic we must keep in mind that the Word is indeed the truth and the inspired and recorded Word of God, however it was not his last word. The scriptures are the ruler that we can use to measure against what we feel God is speaking to us. One measurement we can use from scriptures is  to read and see that when God speaks – the Holy Spirit causes it to be as God intended.

When Saul was confronted on the road to Damascus, God the Son spoke to him and called him to a point of action. This is where Saul had the choice respond in obedience. It is during these periods where we have the freedom to respond, that we find God ‘resting.’ Have you ever felt like God opened a door or spoke to you in an area you’d be praying about for months, then to only feel like he wasn’t as close any longer? It’s in these times where the Holy Spirit is moving and working in you to give you the strength, wisdom and desire to act on the word from God.

As we read in 1 Corinthians 14:33, God is not a God of disorder but of peace. His word brings peace and healing to the situations that he speaks into. Even when his word is one of correction, it is so we can adjust our course and walk in the peace that is found in his will. His voice is connected to purpose and he wont stand by and approve our actions when they are not in line with the measurement of the scriptures, that is what mute idols do. If we move in obedience to the word that we hear from God, whether it be one of affirmation, evangelism or edification, he takes us to a place of peace. Just as God speaks and rests, he speaks to us to draw us into a place of peace and rest in him.

The question we must face then is simply this, is God speaking to you now? If he is, will you respond and enter into his rest?